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Tell Me About It
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A community for writing prompts and sharing your writing.
Tell Me About It
About this community:

This is a community for those who want to write. Every Wednesday, a new prompt will be posted (hopefully). It will then be up to you to make that prompt your own and write a journal entry on it. Once you've written your public entry, please create a link to it in the prompt post so that others in the community can read and comment.

This is not a contest. There will be no voting. The only feedback that you will receive on your writing will be in the forms of comments from your fellow community members. There will be no deadline. A new user can go back and post on any previous prompt that they wish. Just know that only those who are tracking or visiting the old prompts and those that read through the entire archive will see your entry.

This community was created because people were looking for a place to receive writing prompts that wasn't a contest. This community was not created to replace those contests that already exist. We hope to supplement them. You'll see below that this community endorses and advertises for multiple writing contests.

The rules for the community are simple.

  • Keep the prompt posts clear of anything that isn't a link to your entry so that people can easily find entries to read. There will be opportunities for off topic chatter.

  • If you post to your own journal, your entry must remain public for at least a week after posting a link. Otherwise, community members will not be able to read your entries.

  • Respect the other members of the group.

  • Adult themes are allowed, but please be courteous and tag your comments or entries as not safe for work (NSFW). It's better to be safe than sorry here, so please if you're not sure, tag it as "possibly NSFW".

  • If you have a suggestion for a future topic, please leave a comment here. I won't guarantee that your suggestion will be used, but I can guarantee that it won't if it's emailed or private messaged to me.

  • I can be reached through my LiveJournal email (listed on my profile [http://jennielynn1127.livejournal.com/profile?mode=full]). Or you can reach Bren through uawildcatgrl@livejournal.com. Please feel free to contact either of us, but please also know that we can't always respond to everything right away.

Members who continually violate rules will be subject to a ban from the community.

Please visit the FAQ here. This will be updated as new FAQ's are created.
Other communities:

catch_a_soul: A writing community focused on self-discovery. This is NOT a contest.
charloft: A fun, active, awards and activities based character development community!
thebrenljidol: An anonymous writing contest with community-only votes.
linebyline: Another writing prompt community!

If you're interested in a contest, you should check out the community, take a look at the archives and see if it's something you'd like to participate in. More information will be available when new contests are starting.

Please note that not all of the above communities have open membership. You may have to request access to join the community, and it is up to the community maintainer(s) whether you will be able to join.
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